First Facts and Flaps: Giant Dinosaurs

ISBN: 9781509877041
Серия: Campbell First Facts and Flaps
Язык: Английский
Производитель: Campbell Books
Возраст: от 3 до 5 лет
Категория: Познавательные,
Раннее обучение и развитие
Год издания: 2018 г
Тип товара: Книга с движущимися элементами

Цена: 351 

  • ISBN: 9781509877041
Артикул: 81000113 Категория: Метка:


Giant Dinosaurs is jam-packed with novelty and features popular dinosaurs such as Tyrannosaurus, Stegosaurus and Diplodocus. Find out how much meat Tyrannosaurus ate in one go, why Stegosaurus had plates on its back, how Diplodocus used its tail and much, much more! Pairing bold, colourful scenes from illustrator Naray Yoon with rhyming text and a page full of further information, this is the perfect novelty book for children just starting to find out more about the world around them. With amazing, funny facts, bright infographics and a mixture of novelties that includes 30 flaps, Giant Dinosaurs is accessible and visual, with all facts checked by Barbara Taylor, a former Science Editor at London’s Natural History Museum. Discover more of the First Facts and Flaps series with Amazing Animals
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