Prehistoric Britain

Age 8+
Key Stage KS2 H
ISBN: 9781409599395
Extent: 64 pages
Dimensions: 230 x 165m
Alex Frith & Rachel Firth
Ian McNee

Цена: 272 грн.

  • ISBN: 9781409599395
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From the age of dinosaurs to the Roman invasion, this book tells the story of a vast and exciting period of British history. It describes when and how people first came to Britain, and includes information on the Bronze Age, Iron Age, Celts and the mysteries of Stonehenge. Full of facts, illustrations, photographs, maps and timelines. Includes photographs and details of real-life archaeological discoveries, as well as information on how new technologies can give us greater insight into the past. With internet links to recommended websites with further information, video clips and virtual tours.
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