Global Teachers’ Festival Day 5: 12th February 2021

David Spencer — Learning to think, Thinking to learn

In this webinar I will be looking at practical ways to develop Thinking Skills with teenagers. We will examine a number of simple classroom routines that can encourage our students to get into the habit of thinking critically, creatively and collaboratively, skills that are becoming ever more useful both in and outside the classroom. I will be sharing some example activities from the new Macmillan course for Secondary students, ‘Gateway to the World’.

Matt Hayes & Jonathan Hadley — Global Citizenship Education: What, why and how?

In this discussion, Matt Hayes and Jonathan Hadley, the authors of the new Macmillan Global Citizenship Education [GCE] framework will discuss what GCE is, why it has emerged in recent years and how it can be integrated into English language teaching. They will outline the benefits of GCE for a student’s development and offer practical advice for its implementation both inside and outside the classroom.