Open World

Open World

Following a successful creative pitch, Cambridge University Press entrusted us to create the visual branding for a new and entirely different breed of English Language Course called ‘Open World’. With the overarching course concept focused around the idea of ‘taking you further’ – that is, taking you on a journey beyond the traditional boundaries between exam preparation and real-world language – our designs needed to reflect this and look visually different in their composition and treatments.

Taking you further!

  • For school-aged students and older learners
  • General English mixed with Exam preparation
  • 90-120+ hours: a single book approach to each exam level
  • 15 units

Open World is a new course combining the real-life language and skills needs of today’s English learners with thorough exam-focussed preparation.

The Exam Journey

Exam Training tasks inside every unit familiarise the learners with each exam question-type, giving them the confidence to progress to the full test practice in the Exam Focus folders. Exam tips and facts are presented in the exam folders to give learners essential information and strategies for their exam.

Aim higher

Push Yourself sections help students to stretch their vocabulary beyond the level of the exam ensuring they are not only prepared for the exam, but can also cope in more advanced situations.

Real World usage

The Real World pages add an extra level of authenticity to each unit, giving the learners a chance to demonstrate the English abilities they need to communicate effectively in the open world.

Life Competencies

Each Real World section ends with a link to The Cambridge Framework for Life Competencies, allowing learners to practise life-long skills in English and within the theme of the lesson. Examples of skills identified as life competencies include collaboration, creativity and innovation, social responsibilities and more.

Sample content

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