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We are delighted to invite you to Oxford Day Online, our free professional development sessions led by our experts Ushapa Fortescue and Martyn Clarke.

Join us on the 23rd March and get bright practical examples and ideas at the sessions

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Think about a student who thinks that mistakes are failures, who refuses to try if an exercise looks too difficult, or who runs away from challenges. How different they are from a student who perseveres after a mistake, believes their abilities develop over time, and doesn’t shy away from challenges. It is obvious that the second student is more equipped for achieving academically.

In this session we will become aware of the role that Growth Mindset plays in improving students’ performance and how to implement meaningful classroom strategies to promote them.

Ushapa Fortescue is a certified trainer for the Oxford Teacher’s Academy.

She has worked and provided teacher training workshops, presentations at conferences and short courses.

Ushapa loves engaging and encouraging teachers so they can pass on a love of language learning to their students.

She is passionate about introducing meditation in a fun, accessible way so more people gain better understanding and can benefit from the positive effects of meditation.

Register here and in the registration form ask Ushapa Fortescue your questions about teaching. The most interesting ones will be answered at the session.